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SUNDAY November 25

0730 Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week has just ended in Ontario's schools. Ottawa's Megan Landry knows all about bullying. But she's taken her own experiences and channelled them into something positive---her music. Megan is a Grade 11 student at St. Pius X High School in Ottawa. She talked with Mary Ito about her song, "Stronger" which she wrote about bullying and which has become a YouTube sensation.
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Learn more about Megan's music at her YouTube channel and her
Facebook website.

0800 Citizen Talin joined Mary with an early Christmas gift. It's her guide to presents for people who are REALLY hard to buy for. You can hear her recommendations by visiting Citizen Talin's column.

0830 Carly and Charlsie Agro will watch the Grey Cup later today. But the CBC Sports host and CBC Toronto reporter (respectively) have more than just a love of the CFL to inspire them. Their grandfather, Hamilton lawyer John Agro, played a pivotal role in the creation of the Canadian Football Leage Players' Association. Carly and Charlsie talked with Mary about their grandfather and their own appreciation of "3 down" football.
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You can watch Carly on CBC News Network and Charlsie on
CBC Toronto News.