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SATURDAY November 24

0730 The couple that "plays" together...stays together. And the couple in question comprises musicians Daniela Nardi and Ron Davis. They're married to each other...and Daniela's latest recording is "Espresso Manifesto: The Songs Of Paolo Conté"...which Ron helped her record. They joined Mary Ito talk about their musical collaboration.
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Daniela and Ron will be on stage on November 27 at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto for a performance of Daniela's "Espresso Manifesto: The Songs Of Paolo Conté". For all the info, check out Daniela's website. While you're at it, give Ron's website a look-see, too.

0800 Trilby Kent has just won the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award for her novel for young readers, "Stones for my Father". The Toronto-born author currently lives in London, England. But she was back in her hometown to receive her award...and she joined Mary to talk about her book.
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Learn more about "Stones For My Father" at the Random House website.

0830 Financial planning is important...but often ignored. Now might be a good time to give it some consideration. This is Financial Planning Week. And Laurie Campbell, CEO of Canada Debt Solutions, joined Mary to talk about the value of getting your financial future in
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Learn more at the Financial Planning Week and the
Credit Canada Debt Solutions websites.