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SATURDAY November 17

0730 Torontonians Kim Bagayava and Mike Dell (media producer and musician, respectively) have a hit YouTube video on their hands. It's called "Kati And Me" and it recently won third prize at Toronto's EstDoc Film Festival. Kkim and Mike vame in to the Fresh Air studio to tell Mary all about it.
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You can view Kati And Me here.

0800 Torontonians Magdalena Vanderkooy and Marian Booy are hiking the Bruce Trail. All 885 kilometres of it. But they're doing it on the weekend installment plan. They talked with Mary by cell phone as they prepared to add to their total.
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You can follow their progress by visiting their
Bruce Trailwomen website.

0830 Millbrook native Serena Ryder is about to release her first album in four years. Harmony comes out on November 27th. But Serena previewed a few songs from it when she jcame in to the Fresh Air studio to talk with Mary.
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Learn more about Harmony at Serena's Facebook page.