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SATURDAY November 10

0700 Steve Patterson is well-known to CBC Radio listeners as host of "The Debaters". But Steve is also a stand-up comedian in his own right. He's currently criss-crossing Ontario with his This Is Not Debateable tour. You can find out where he'll be...and visiting Steve's website.

0730 Holiday shopping can take a real bite out of your budget. Fresh Air's personal finance columnist, Hilary Doyle (AKA "The Thousandaire"), joined Mary Ito to share some budgeting tips.
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Here are the websites that Hilary suggested to assist you when you're holiday shopping:
Red Laser
Coupon Sherpa
Free Shipping Canada
Shopwise Canada

0800 How soon is too soon to start the Christmas/holiday merchandising season? Mary put that question to Brynn Winegard. She's an assistant professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto's Ryerson University.
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0830 There's been a lot written recently about the new era of singlehood. Singles are growing in numbers both here and around the world and.... no thanks, they don't want your pity because frankly, they're single by choice!! University of Toronto sociologist Scott Schieman joined Mary to talk about the pros (and occasional cons) of the single state.
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