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SATURDAY November 3

0700 CBC Radio's The Debaters is coming to Toronto for two nights of recordings. Host Steve Patterson and a cast of guest comedians will be at Glenn Gould Studio on November 13th and 14th. Showtime each evening is 7:30 p.m. You can get ticket info at The Debaters website.
Note: Be advised that live tapings run approximately 3 hours and sometimes contain mature themes and adult language considered offensive by some.

0730 Words can play a huge role in determining who wins the US presidential election. That's what Colleen Ross told Mary Ito. Colleen is the creator/producer of Babel, the program about our changing English language, which aired this past summer here on CBC Radio. She's also the language columnist for cbc dot ca.
Listen audio (runs 6:07)
If you like to explore the intricacies of our language, visit the Babel website to hear this past summer's episodes...and also check out Colleen's
Word Of Mouth
website for her columns on language.

0800 Citizen Talin paid Mary a visit to talk about the importance of updating your will. You can hear that conversation by going to Citizen Talin's column.

0830 Rick Blechta is a man of many talents. He's an author, a musician, a graphic designer, a foodie , an enthusiastic gardener...and an avid baseball fan. Rick's latest volume of crime fiction is called The Fallen One. And he joined Mary to talk about it...and other things as well.
Listen audio (runs 13:20)
The Fallen One is published by Dundurn Press.
There's plenty of info about all of Rick's pursuits at Rick's website.