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SUNDAY October 28

0700 Steve Patterson is well-known to CBC Radio listeners as host of "The Debaters". But Steve is also a stand-up comedian in his own right. He's currently criss-crossing Ontario with his This Is Not Debateable tour. You can find out where he'll be...and visiting Steve's website.

0730 Ed Bickert is widely considered to be one of the best jazz guitar players that this country has ever produced. St. Mary's-based jazz singer Jennifer Thorpe agrees. So she's organized a tribute concert for Ed to celebrate his legacy and his 80th birthday. Jennifer and Lorne Lofsky, a jazz guitar player who's both a long-time friend and a collaborator of Ed's, talked with guest host Karen Gordon.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Ed Bickert At 80---A Jazz Celebration takes place on November the 6th at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto. Ticket information is at the Glenn Gould Studio website.
And be sure to check out Jennifer and
Lorne's websites.
CBC Radio Two's Canada Live will broadcast Ed Bickert At 80---A Jazz Celebration on Thursday, November 29th.

0800 Toronto musician Fern Lindzon has a sideline. In addition to her
jazz career, she provides music for silent film screenings. In fact, she'll be doing just that later today (Oct 28) in Port Hope at the Vintage Film Festival. Fern elaborated when she came into the studio to talk with Karen.
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You can get the details about today's screening of Charlie Chaplin's silent film Circus in Port Hope at the Vintage Film Festival website.
To view (and hear Fern's soundtrack for) the Buster Keaton film, Sherlock Junior , here's the YouTube link.
And be sure to visit Fern's website.

0830 Toronto filmmaker Chanda Chavanesse and American author
Sandra Steingraber have collaborated on a docuentary called Living Downstream. It's based on Sandra's book that examines the threat posed by cancer-causing chemicals. Karen talked with Chanda (who was in studio) and Sandra (who was on her cell en route to an airport).
Listen audio (runs 12:45)
Living Downstream will be screened in Ottawa at the Mayfair Theatre on Monday night (Oct 29). Chandra will be there for a question and answer panel at the end of the film. Living Downstream will also be commercially released later this year.
Learn more about the film at the Living Downstream website.