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SUNDAY October 21

0730 Movie critic Richard Crouse has written a fascinating book about a film that caused a scandal when it was released in 1971. The film was called "The Devils" and director Ken Russell came in for a LOT of criticism. Richard's book is called
Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Unmaking of The Devils. He joined guest host Karen Gordon.
Listen audio (runs 18:24)
Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Unmaking of The Devils is published by ECW Press.
Learn more about the book at Richard's website.

0800 Fall is wind-down time for gardeners. Fresh Air's favourite gardening expert, Marjorie Harris, joined Karen to talk about what you should and shouldn't do to prepare YOUR garden for winter.
Listen audio (runs 13:18)
There's always plenty of useful gardening information and advice at Marjorie's website.

0830 The recent suicide of a BC teen has raised many questions about on-line bullying. Rhonda McEwen is an assistant professor of New Media at the University of Toronto - Mississauga's Institute of Communication, Culture and IT. She specializes in new media and she joined Karen to talk about the internet's appeal for young people and why they may post material that they may later regret.
Listen audio (runs 13:48)
For more about Rhonda, you can visit her U of T website.
And here's a link to a Privacy Commision of Canada's video for young people that deals with protecting your OnLine Reputation