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SATURDAY October 6

Accent On Toronto is back. CBC Toronto's annual laughfest will present its eleventh edition on October 17 at The Music Hall on Danforth. You can purchase tickets by visiting the Ticketmaster website.

0730 Women...and beer. They don't have to be mutually exclusive. So says Mirella Amato. In addition to running her excellent Beerology website, she's the first woman in Canada to become a Certified Cicerone---that's the beer equivalent of a sommelier. And Mirella joined Mary Ito to tell her why women should embrace the glories and nuances of drinking beer.
Listen audio (runs 10:45)
Beer is the always-fascinating topic at Mirella's Beerology website.
You may also want to listen to her Ontario Brewery Podcasts. Season Three begins Monday, October the 7th.

0800 Dr. Mike Evans dropped by the Fresh Air studio to talk about the myths and facts surrounding the HPV vaccine. You can hear Dr. Mike's conversation with Mary by visiting his Your Health column.

0830 Thanksgiving dinner can be an emotional minefield for family members. Social worker and author Gary Direnfeld joined Mary with some strategies to defuse potentially explosive situations.
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