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SUNDAY September 30

0700 Accent On Toronto is back. CBC Toronto's annual laughfest will present its eleventh edition on October 17 at The Music Hall on Danforth. You can purchase tickets by visiting the Ticketmaster website.

0730 It's called "The Clock". It's the work of world-renowned sound and video artist Christian Marclay. And it's an intriguing homage to the portrayal of the movies. Currently, people in Southern Ontario have a rare opportunity to experience "The Clock". It's at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto.
And the Power Plant's director, Gaƫtane Verna gave guest host Mike Ewing a sense of what it's all about.
Listen audio (runs 12:07)
"The Clock" is available for viewing at The Power Plant until November the 25th. All the details are at The Power Plant's website.

0800 Brush your teeth! Dentists and parents constantly repeat that refrain. But what toothbrush should you use? Citizen Talin investigated. She shared her findings with Mary Ito. Listen to that conversation at Citizen Talin's column.

0830 Weekends were made for sports...and sports fans. But what is it about being a fan that creates allegiances to teams...and to fellow fans? York University's Richard Lalonde is a social psychyologist. He's also a sports fan himself. He and guest host Mike Ewing tackled the topic.
Listen audio (runs 12:32)
If you'd like to know more about Professor Lalonde, check out Richard's York University website.