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SATURDAY September 8

0600 Accent On Toronto is back. The eleventh edition of CBC Toronto's annual laughfest takes place on October 17 at The Music Hall on Danforth. You can buy tickets by going to the Ticketmaster website.

0700 Host Mary Ito featured an excerpt from today's episode of CBC Radio's comedy show The Debaters. You can hear the whole show at one o'clock this afternoon on CBC Radio One. For more info, check out The Debaters website.

0730 The kids went back to school this week. It's always an exciting time...but getting into the "back-to-school" routine can bring on some bad habits...bad ENVIRONMENTAL habits. But there are ways to "GREEN your school routine" according to Gill Deacon. She's the author of the best-selling books "Green for Life" and "There's Lead in Your Lipstick."
Listen to what she told Mary. audio (runs 11:22)
Both of Gill's books--- Green for Life and There's Lead in Your Lipstick ---are published in Canada by Penguin.
You can learn more by visiting Gill's website.

0800 Turn on your furnace! That's what Jorge Rodrigues says. Jorge is the owner of J-B Rodrigues and Associates, building contractors and consultants in Toronto. And he joined Mary to talk about the importance of making sure your heating system is working NOW...before it gets cold.
Listen to their conversation. audio (runs 9:07)

0830 Rick Green is a popular comedian and broadcaster. Think: The Frantics, History Bites, Prisoners of Gravity and The Red Green Show. But Rick has ADHD---Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder. And he's currently engaged in a campaign to make people better acquainted with the condition and how to deal with it.
Listen audio (runs 10:25)
Learn more about ADHD at Rick's Totally ADD website.