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SATURDAY September 1

0600 Think Golf is a ten part series that offers a range of advice on how to improve YOUR game. It's hosted by Bruce Rainee from CBC Sports. Today's installment dealt with draws and fades. You can get plenty of great golf tips AND view the video from today's episode at the Think Golf website.

0730 We may be reaching the end of summer but one of the wonderful things to look forward to are the fall fairs in this province. Many are over a hundred years old. Jodey Nurse of the University of Guelph came in to talk about the history of the fall fair and why it's alive and well today.

0800 This is the weekend to relax with family and friends... celebrate the last days of summer and toast the coming fall season. What better way than a Labour Day barbecue! Greta Podleski and her sister Janet wrote the successful Looneyspoons cookbook series. Their latest is called "The Looneyspoons Collection".
Greta joined Mary with some recipes (posted separately).

0830 Men's fashion was the topic. To help us understand men's perspective on fashion, Mary invited three men who are all known for their stylishness into studio
Russell Smith is the men's style columnist for the Glove and Mail. He's also a personal style consultant,
David Rocco is a producer, celebrity chef and author--his latest book is "MADE IN ITALY". and he is well known for his sense of style
And Dwight Drummond is an award winning journalist and the co-anchor of the CBC Toronto local news hour--whose job requires him to look good.