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SUNDAY August 5

0700 CBC Radio's Laugh Out Loud programme will be at the Cottage Country Comedy Festival in Bracebridge on August 11th. Host Craig Norris will be joined on stage by all kinds of comedians including Darrin Rose, Heidi Foss and Joey Elias. You can be in the audience for a great night of comedy.
You can learn more and find ticket info at the Laugh Out Loud and the Cottage Country Comedy Festival websites.

0730 Mark Rheaume has a monthly date with the show. Mark's our "ear" on what's new from Ontario musicians. He brought four recent releases in with him when he joined Karen.You can review Mark's selections by visiting his column. It's as close as clicking on Mark's Music.

0800 On August 6th, Jamaicans both at home and abroad will celebrate their country's 50th anniversary of independence from Britain. Yvonne Shorter Brown was born and raised in Jamaica...and continued to live there until seven years after that momentous day, before moving to Canada to start a new life here. She joined guest host Karen Gordon to talk about Jamaica---then-and-now.
Listen audio (runs 10:17)
Yvonne is author of the recently published Dead Woman Pickney---A Memoir Of Childhood In Jamaica. It's published by Wilfred Laurier University Press. Learn more about the book at the WLUP website.

0830 He's one of the world's most influential music producers. He's also an accomplished musician in his own right. And, although he now lives abroad, Daniel Lanois has strong links to the Hamilton area. That's where he grew up and started his music career. Now Daniel is coming home to take part in the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, which he co-curates. He elaborated when he sat down with Karen.
Listen audio (runs 13:23)
The Greenbelt Harvest Picnic takes place on Saturday, September 1st at Christie Lake, near Dundas. You can view the schedule of musical performers and obtain ticket information at the Harvest Picnic website. And you can learn more about Daniel at his personal website.