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Past Episodes: August 2012 Archives

SUNDAY August 26

0730 Last week's email question was "What was your favourite childhood food?" For a many of us, the answer is two words beginning with "K & D". And while Kraft Dinner is certainly a staple of many Canadian kitchens, Sasha Chapman, a senior editor at The Walrus, is ready to take things a step further and ask whether Kraft Dinner has become our national dish. Sasha is the author of a new piece in The Walrus titled, "Manufacturing Taste: The (un)natural history of Kraft Dinner."

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0800 In 1970, a Canadian director named Don Shebib made a film called Goin' Down The Road. The movie was about two Maritimers who head to Toronto looking for a better life, only to find disappointment. It's now considered , not just a classic, but also a seminal moment in English Canadian film making. Geoff Pevere is a long time film critic, teacher and broadcaster. His new book is called Donald Shebib's Goin' Down the Road.

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0830 The Sunday Salon is when we bring in a panel of three highly intelligent, articulate, and breathtakingly witty people to have some fun. The rules are simple. Mary has a bowl with her containing slips of paper. Each paper has a word, a phrase or a saying on it, and the guests have to speak spontaneously about it. The guests for this Sunday's salon are Anne Kingston, senior writer for Maclean's Magazine, Priscila Uppal, poet, professor of English at York University, and Poet in Residence for the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams, and Dilip Soman, Prof of Marketing at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto.

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What's On for August 26

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Canadian Garlic Festival/Sudbury
Just Dance JF/Toronto
The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge and Festival/Timmins

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SATURDAY August 25

0600 Think Golf is a ten part series that offers a range of advice on how to improve YOUR game. It's hosted by Bruce Rainee from CBC Sports. Today's installment dealt with gaining distance with your shots. You can get plenty of great golf tips AND view the video from today's episode at the Think Golf website.

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0730 Stefano Faita is the host of the CBC TV show In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita which launches a brand new season on Sept. 17. He spoke with Mary about his love of food and why it's all about family for him.

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0800 If there's one vegetable that stirs up a love/hate relationship in people, it's got to be garlic. Subtlety is something it knows not. Liz Primeau became a devotee early in her life. She writes about garlic's history, lore, medicinal properties, and its appeal, in her new book In Pursuit of Garlic.

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0830 Artist Max Dean thinks the humble family photo album's importance is more than just a personal keepsake. He believes they can touch more than just the original owner's lives. Max has created an exhibition of orphaned photo albums that he's collected over the years, and it's on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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