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SUNDAY July 22

0730 He calls his music "electro-Persian". Iranian-born Mahmood Schricker has taken traditional Persian classical music and infused it with modern beats. Then he's added a range of guest vocalists. The result is a CD called Null. Mahmood joined Mary to talk about this unusual musical project.
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Learn more about Mahmood's music at his Link Music Lab website.

0800 Looking for lots of movie reviews in one location? Go to the Rotten Tomatoes website. But what if you're looking for lots of book reviews in one place? Rahul Simha wants you to go to the website that he co-created. It's called Rahul told Mary about it.
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Check out the book reviews at the I Dream Books website.

0830 Gretta Vosper is a United Church minister in Toronto. She's also the author of Amen: What Prayer Can Mean in A World Beyond Belief.
Gretta joined Mary to talk about HER belief that prayer doesn't have to include a deity.
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Amen: What Prayer Can Mean in A World Beyond Belief is published by HarperCollins.
Learn more about Gretta and her books at her website