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SUNDAY July 15

0700 Mark Wigmore joined Mary Ito with another episode of his On The Doc column. This morning, Mark reviewed Under African Skies...a documentary about the making of Paul Simon's pivotal 1986 album Graceland.

0730 They're co-starring in Much Ado About Nothing at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. But Deborah Hay and Ben Carlson also share the stage in real married partners. Mary went to Stratford to catch up with them before a recent performance.
Listen audio (runs 9:18)
Learn more about Deborah, Ben and Much Ado at the Festival's website.

0800 Citizen Talin dropped by to talk about the steps that you should take BEFORE you leave your house to go on vacation. You can hear her conversation with Mary by going to Citizen Talin's column.

0830 The recent discovery of the so-called "God" particle made headlines. But the real signifigance has proved difficult to absorb for many people. That's something Neil Turok addressed when he talked with Mary. Neil is director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo.
Listen audio (runs 12:09)
Science is always in fashion at the Perimeter website.