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0730 Ron Brown knows Ontario. Especially unusual and little-known aspects of the province. You'll find 115 of them in the latest edition of his Top Unusual Things To See In Ontario. Ron shared some of his favourites with Mary.
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Ron's book is published by Boston Mills Press and distributed by Firefly Books.
You'll find more at Ron's website and at the
Firefly Books website.

0800 Dr. Mike Evans joined Mary to discuss the benefits---perceived and real---of vitamins and health supplements.
You can hear their conversation by visiting Dr. Mike's
Your Health column.

0830 Music...and math. Who knew they were related. Jeffrey Rosenthal---that's who. He's a professor of statistics at the University of Toronto...and a musician in his spare time. Jeffrey joined Mary---complete with keyboard---to explain the relationship between musical notes and mathematics.
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Jeffrey is also the author of Struck by Lightning: The Curious World of Probabilities. It's published by HarperCollins Canada
Learn more about the book and Professor Rosenthal's statistical world at
Jeffrey's website.