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SUNDAY, June 24

0730 Mark Rheaume arrived a week early with his monthly look at new music from Ontario artists---that's because Fresh Air will be pre-empted by special Canada Day programming on July the 1st. You can see the artists and the music by them that Mark chose by visiting Mark's column.

0800 English in Canada is changing. E-mails, texts and tweets are affecting how we spell and use words. And as many as one-in-five Canadians doesn't speak English as a first language. That's why Argentina-born Mariel Borelli joined Mary to talk about Babel, a new summer series on CBC Radio One. Mariel is the host (and no stranger to Fresh Air listeners either, since she's the regular voice of FA's What's On feature).
Listen audio (runs 8:33) to her conversation with Mary.
Babel airs every Monday morning in the summer at 11:30 am and is repeated on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm.
Learn more about the show at the Babel website.

0830 Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a chef? Stephanie Duong and Bruce Lee ARE chefs...but they're still relatively new at the game. Stephanie and Bruce joined Mary to talk about their craft and why the long hours and often-arduous working conditions are well-worth it.
Listen audio (runs 15:03)
When they're not being chefs, Stephanie and Bruce have a little candy-making enterprise. To learn more about it, visit their Keo Confiserie website.