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0700 Good news for fans of CBC Radio One's The Debaters! The show will be at Aquarius Theatre in Hamilton for an evening of recordings on Tuesday, June 26th. You can buy tickets at the Theatre or visit The Debaters website for info on how to get them. That's where you'll also find a list of the comedians taking part and the topics they'll debate.

0730 Elizabeth Shepherd is just one of the vocalists who've joined Canadian jazz legend Peter Appleyard on his new Sophisticated Ladies album. Peter supplies the swingin' vibes while Elizabeth and her jazz singing peers provide the voices. And both Peter and Elizabeth joined Mary Ito to talk about the project.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Peter, Elizabeth and most of the OTHER Sophisticated Ladies will perform in concert at Koerner Hall in Toronto on June 26th as part of the Toronto Jazz Festival.
For more information about the album, visit Peter's website.
And be sure to visit Elizabeth's website to learn more about her musical adventures.

0800 It's here! The 2012 edition of the Ontario Culinary Adventure Guide. It's issued by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. And the Alliance's executive director, Rebecca Le Heup, joined Mary to talk about the guide, which brings food-and-drink seeking Ontarians together with the province's farmers, producers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and culinary events.
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Learn more about the Guide at the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance website.

0830 It's theatre season in Ontario. From the big ones in Stratford and Niagara-On-The-Lake, to all the smaller summer troupes, there's something for everyone. Leonard McHardy has been a "student" of the theatre scene for many years. He's co-owner of TheatreBooks in Toronto. And he came by the studio to talk with Mary about the evolution and current state of summer theatre in this province.
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If you're a fan of theatre in ANY of its many forms, you'll want to visit the TheatreBooks website.