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0700 Good news for fans of CBC Radio One's The Debaters! The show will be at Aquarius Theatre in Hamilton for an evening of recordings on Tuesday, June 26th. You can buy tickets at the Theatre or visit The Debaters website for info on how to get them. That's where you'll also find a list of the comedians taking part and the topics they'll debate.

0730 What happens when musicians from Mali meet musicians from Cuba? AfroCubism, that's what! And World Music columnist Reuben Maan elaborated when he and Mary Ito sat down together in the studio. You can hear their conversation at Reuben's column.

0800 Summer spending advice from the "thousandaire" (NOT millionaire)---that's what personal finance columnist Hilary Doyle brought into the show.
Listen audio (runs 11:41) to Hilary's conversation with Mary.
Here are the books and related investing information that Hilary mentioned:
1. No Hype -- The Straight Goods On Investing Your Money by Gail Bebee
2. Thackray's 2012 Investor's Guide -- How to Profit from Seasonal Market Trends by Brooke Thackray
3. Controlling the Debt Monster: A Guide To Managing Your Money by Tessa-Marie Shillingford
And Wolfgang Klein is a portfolio manager at Canaccord Wealth Management.

0830 It's wedding season. But different cultures bring different approaches to this time-honoured tradition. Uzma Jalaluddin writes about relationships for the South Asian publication Suhaag. She joined Mary to talk about that community's relationship with wedding traditions and how they relate to the Muslim beliefs of people IN the South Asian community.
Listen audio (runs 10:54)
You can learn more about what Uzma doscussed with Mary by visiting the
Suhaag website.
The audio for this item will be posted on the following Monday.