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0730 New Ontario music is Mark Rheaume's beat. He came into the Fresh Air studio with four new releases that he shared with Mary Ito. You can see what he played by visiting Mark's Music column.

0800 Who says you need a big acreage to grow your own food? All you need is a backyard. Arlene Hazzan and Marc Green are founders of The Backyard Urban Farm Company. They joined Mary to tell her about the ins and outs of turning YOUR backyard into a garden of plenty.
Listen audio (runs 12:49)
Learn more about backyard "farming" at the Backyard Urban Farm Company website.

0830 Christine McFarlane and Kevin Conlon have something in common. They're among the winners of the Transforming Lives awards given out each year by Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. They joined Mary to talk about the challenges they've faced...and how they overcame them.
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To learn more about the 2012 Transforming Lives Awards, you can visit the CAMH Foundation website.