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Past Episodes: June 2012 Archives


0600 Think Golf is a ten part series that offers a range of advice on how to improve YOUR game. It's hosted by Bruce Rainee from CBC Sports. Today's installment dealt with mental preparation. You can get plenty of great golf tips AND view the video from today's episode at the Think Golf website.

0700 The Debaters recently recorded a series of shows in Hamilton. The first of those shows airs later today---just after the one o'clock news on CBC Radio One. Hamilton-born Patrick McKenna is one of the comedians taking part. All the details are on The Debaters website.

0730 Summer holidays are a great excuse for relaxing with a good book. But getting boys to read can be a challenge. Cue the Fresh Air Reading Panel:
Susan Chamberlain of The Book Keeper in Sarnia, Jean Begin of The Real Bookshelf in Thunder Bay and Itah Sadu of A Different Booklist in Toronto.
Listen audio (runs 17:15)

And here are their suggestions:

Jean Begin of The Real Bookshelf in Thunder Bay:
6 to 8 year old boys:
Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne, Random House
Children are whisked away to different times and lands through the Magic Tree
House and learn about history in this easy to read series of books.

8 to 12 year old boys:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, Amulet Books.
Story of a kid who is happy being a wimp much to the chagrin of his father who
tries to change his ways.

12 and up boys:
Young James Bond by Charles Higson, Puffin books (UK), Hyperion USA
The story of how James Bond ends up at Eton College and the adventures he begins.

Susan Chamberlain of The Book Keeper in Sarnia:

6 to 8 year old boys:
I, Bruno and Bruno for Real by Caroline Adderson.
These are two beginner novels featuring the very unique 7 year old, Bruno. He has a huge aversion to anything green, at least any food items that are green, and requests a brown dinner, orange lunch and white breakfast.
Caroline Adderson is a wonderful Canadian writer from Vancouver B.C.. She has published for both adults and children.

8 to 12 year old boys:
Gregor the Overlander series by Suzanne Collins.
Suzanne Collins is the author of the famed Hunger Games series. Gregor is a series of 5 books written in the early 2000s. They are excellent boys adventure novels following 11 year old Gregor into a fantastical underworld populated by talking, giant, rats, bats, cockroaches and spiders! Each book is a different quest.

12 and up boys:
This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel.
Kenneth Oppel brought us the Firewing, Sunwing, Darkwing trilogy. This novel is subtitled The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein. This novel is a dark, gothic adventure which features a forbidden and magical library.

Itah Sadu of A Different Booklist in Toronto:

6 to 8 year old boys:
Mathieu Da Costa First to Arrive by Itah Sadu - A Different Publisher

8 to 12 year old boys:
Panman Presents the Sweet Sound of Steel by Tarquin Lougheide, Panman Products

12 and up boys:
Middle of Nowhere by Caroline Anderson, Groundwood

Visit each of the bookstores at their websites:
The Real Bookshelf
The Book Keeper
A Different Booklist

0800 They may be the unsung heroes of the music world. They're known as arrangers. And Toronto's Rebecca Pellet IS one. She joined Mary Ito to talk about her craft and she provided some examples of what she does, including her latest project, giving The Sultans of String a symphonic sound.
Listen audio (runs 12:40)

0830 It's a different way to take a vacation. It's called house-swapping. And Mary talked with two Ontarians who've tried it. Debbie Campbell lives in Toronto. Tom Pratt and his family live in Sault Ste. Marie. They discussed the appeal of exchanging homes with someone who lives in another country.
Listen audio (runs 10:14)

Cookbook Winner

You may remember that Alison Fryer of The Cookbook Store was here a few weeks ago. She shared her picks for the best cookbooks produced in Ontario. They were her nominees for a spot on the CBC Books' Cross-Country Cookbook Shelf. Then we turned it over to you to pick a winner from the Ontario nominees.

Thousands of votes were cast. This week, the polls closed and you crowned the winner. Your favourite Ontario cookbook is "The Chez Piggy Cookbook" by Rose Richardson, Zal Yanovsky and Victoria Newbury!

Thanks to Alison for sharing her picks with us and thanks to all of you for voting.

We also want to announce the winner of the Random House cookbook prize pack. We drew a name at random from all the entries. And...congratulations to Matt McTaggart of Kingston. As luck would have it, Matt cast his vote for the winning cookbook: "The Chez Piggy Cookbook."

Way to go, Matt! And congrats to all the cookbooks from all over Canada that made it onto the CBC Books' Cross-Country Cookbook Shelf! For a complete list of the winning books, check out the CBC Books website.

SUNDAY, June 24

0730 Mark Rheaume arrived a week early with his monthly look at new music from Ontario artists---that's because Fresh Air will be pre-empted by special Canada Day programming on July the 1st. You can see the artists and the music by them that Mark chose by visiting Mark's column.

0800 English in Canada is changing. E-mails, texts and tweets are affecting how we spell and use words. And as many as one-in-five Canadians doesn't speak English as a first language. That's why Argentina-born Mariel Borelli joined Mary to talk about Babel, a new summer series on CBC Radio One. Mariel is the host (and no stranger to Fresh Air listeners either, since she's the regular voice of FA's What's On feature).
Listen audio (runs 8:33) to her conversation with Mary.
Babel airs every Monday morning in the summer at 11:30 am and is repeated on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm.
Learn more about the show at the Babel website.

0830 Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a chef? Stephanie Duong and Bruce Lee ARE chefs...but they're still relatively new at the game. Stephanie and Bruce joined Mary to talk about their craft and why the long hours and often-arduous working conditions are well-worth it.
Listen audio (runs 15:03)
When they're not being chefs, Stephanie and Bruce have a little candy-making enterprise. To learn more about it, visit their Keo Confiserie website.