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0730 It's Doors Open time again all over Ontario. It's your chance to get to know heritage and architecturally-interesting buildings up-close-and-personal. Guest host Karen Gordon talked with Toronto Star urban columnist Chris Hume and restoration technician Paul Sentesy about the importance of retaining, restoring and appreciating these structures.
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If you'd like to check out Doors Open in your community, you can visit the
Doors Open Ontario website.

0800 Weekends in the summer mean time spent on the backyard deck. But building and maintaining a deck can be tricky business. Cue expert contractor Jorge Rodrigues of J-B Rodrigues and Associates---building contractors and consultants in Toronto. Jorge joined Karen to talk about the construction and care of these exterior "living rooms".
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0830 Barbra Lica's releasing her debut album on May 30th...but she was Karen's guest this weekend. They talked about Barbra's "unusual" musical childhood and played some tracks from That's What I Do.
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Catch Barbra live at The Homesmith Bar in Toronto on June 14th. You'll find details at
Barbra's website.
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