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SUNDAY, May 20

0730 Michel Berube moved to Toronto from his native Quebec at the beginning of the 21st century because he wanted to learn English AND further his career as a singer. Now that he's fluently bilingual, Michel has released a new album that's entirely IN French. And he joined guest host Karen Gordon to talk about his influences and some of his musical adventures to date.
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Michel will launch his new album, Hymnes A L'Amour at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto on May 24th.
There's more information on Michel's website.

0800 Wondering what wine to order with your meal in a fine restaurant? Citizen Talin---AKA Talin Vartanian---can help you make your selection.
You can hear Talin's conversation with Karen at Citizen Talin's column.

0830 Longtime journalist Zuhair Kashmeri joined Karen to talk about his father, Aghajani, who became a Bollywood film legend in his homeland of India. Zuhair has told that story in a new film about Aghajani, called The Golden Pen.
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The Golden Pen will air tonight (May 20) on OMNI 2.
For more information about the film and Aghajani Kashmeri, please visit the The Golden Pen