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SUNDAY, May 13

0730 Toronto photographers Oliver Pauk and Zach Slootsky are digitally documenting motels in Niagara Falls that, having flourished more than 50 years ago, are now in danger of disappearing. Some of their photos are part of Toronto's Contact Photography Exhibition. Oliver and Zach joined guest host Sean Foley to tell him why they feel it's important to capture these images with their cameras.
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You can take a virtual tour of the Motels Of Niagara Falls exhibition at Contact on the Motels Of Canada website.
For more info about visiting the Toronto exhibition in person, visit the
Contact Photography Festival website.
And you can learn more about the photographers at
Oliver Pauk's and Zach Slootsky's websites.

0800 She's an artist AND a mom. Her name is Darlene Cole. And---on Mother's Day---she joined Sean to talk about balancing her two careers.
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Darlene's latest show of oil paintings, In Blush Time, will open at Montreal's Galerie de Bellefeuille on June 30 and at Toronto's Bau-Xi Gallery in December, 2012.
You can view her art at Darlene's website.

0830 The band is called Monkey House ...but Monkey House is really musician Don Breithaupt. He's a one-man music machine---composer, arranger, producer, instrumentalist and vocalist. Although he DID invite all kinds of musical friends to help out on his new Monkey House recording, Headquarters. Don joined Sean to talk about it.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
The launch concert for Headquarters is May 15th at The Orbit Room in Toronto.
Check the Monkey House Facebook page for more information.