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0730 World Music columnist Reuben Maan brought a mystery musician in to talk about whe4n he joinede guest host Sean Foley this weekend. You can hear who when you go to his column. It's as close as---wait for it---clicking Reuben's column.

0800 Mother's Day is tomorrow (May 13) and some people will visit a bookstore to search for a gift for mom. But what they see may surprise them. That's because bookstores' visions of mom in 2012 may not jibe with reality. At least, that's Erin Balser of CBC Books' view...and she joined Sean to elaborate.
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For Erin's Mother's Day reading suggestions and lots of literary news, check out the CBC Books website.

0830 Want to do something really out of the ordinary this weekend? Why not give skydiving a try. Three enthusiasts did their best to convince Sean. CBC meteorologist Nick Czrenkovich flies the jump plane at Skydive Ganonoque. He and skydivers Will McCarthy and Michelle Matte-Stotyn made their case just before they prepared for take-off.
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If you'd like to know more about skydiving, visit the Skydive Ganonoque website.
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