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Poetry Contest Winners

Here are the winning entries in Fresh Air's Poetry Contest

The First....the Last Time
by Monica Rosas

Rustling skirt,
steps taken
a dusty path
- gone by night's rainfall.

The First Time
by Maggie Quirt

the first time driving alone was
sky-grey Ford Fairmont truckering up the road
with a girth like Pavarotti
yearning to blast the radio
(or at least change the station)
but panicked hands fixed to the wheel
(10 and 2)
and the sudden, ravishing, freedom to go

The Sacrifice of Isaac
by Eric Golombek

The first time Isaac realized that
In fact, was the ram, he
squeezed his father's hand and said,
"Here I am."
Why does my son, Isaac,
on our chair-and-a-half
playing DSi XL 3D Xbox Facebook,
watch me clear his Mister Noodles from the dinner table?

The First Time
by Jeannette Urbas

My first tottering steps
After I fractured my ankle
Brought memories
Of when I was two
And exhilarated
Stood up on my own

A long future of achievement

At eighty
The years have diminished

There are true beginnings
And beginnings
That presage an end.

The First Time
by Richard von Erlac

On the moon
My first visit
Was less crowded
Than today