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SUNDAY, April 22

0730 Earth Day (April 22) is a day to consider the state of the planet that we call home. It's also a call to action. But does Earth Day still pack a punch? Or have we become just a bit blasé about environmental issues? Gill Deacon is the author of several books with environmental themes...including There's Lead In Your Lipstick---Toxins in Our Everyday Bodycare and How To Avoid Them. She joined guest host Karen Gordon to talk about the relevance of Earth Day.
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There's loads of useful advice about environmental issues at Gill's website.
And don't forget to follow her on Twitter: @gilldeacon

0800 Auctions can be all kinds of fun. But they can also be a bit intimidating. Citizen Talin deciphered the "auction code" and shared her findings with Karen. You can hear their conversation at Citizen Talin's column.

0830 It's common practice to match wines with meals. But have you ever thought of matching different coffees with different dishes? Food writer James Chatto thinks it's the coming culinary thing. He came by the Fresh Air studio to elaborate.
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You can read more about this concept at James' website.
And that's where you'll also find info about the books that he's written, including the new edition of The Man Who Ate Toronto, published by Madison Press Books.