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Past Episodes: April 2012 Archives

Poetry Contest Winners

Here are the winning entries in Fresh Air's Poetry Contest

The First....the Last Time
by Monica Rosas

Rustling skirt,
steps taken
a dusty path
- gone by night's rainfall.

The First Time
by Maggie Quirt

the first time driving alone was
sky-grey Ford Fairmont truckering up the road
with a girth like Pavarotti
yearning to blast the radio
(or at least change the station)
but panicked hands fixed to the wheel
(10 and 2)
and the sudden, ravishing, freedom to go

The Sacrifice of Isaac
by Eric Golombek

The first time Isaac realized that
In fact, was the ram, he
squeezed his father's hand and said,
"Here I am."
Why does my son, Isaac,
on our chair-and-a-half
playing DSi XL 3D Xbox Facebook,
watch me clear his Mister Noodles from the dinner table?

The First Time
by Jeannette Urbas

My first tottering steps
After I fractured my ankle
Brought memories
Of when I was two
And exhilarated
Stood up on my own

A long future of achievement

At eighty
The years have diminished

There are true beginnings
And beginnings
That presage an end.

The First Time
by Richard von Erlac

On the moon
My first visit
Was less crowded
Than today

SUNDAY, April 29

0730 Matthew De Zoete is a Hamilton-area musician with a new album. It's called Colour Film. And Matthew joined Mary Ito to talk about his Dutch heritage, his wife's working farm and his series of successful tours of Europe.
Listen audio (runs 8:49)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Matthew's launch concert for Colour Film takes place on May 5th at The Pearl Company in Hamilton. He'll also be in Toronto on May 12 as part of the Songwriters Association of Canada's Blue Bird North songwriters circle. You can get all the details at
Matthew's website.

0800 Actor and activist George Takei was the special guest at the recent Sakura Ball, held by the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. Mary was the host for the event and she had a chance to sit down and talk with George about his multi-faceted acting career and his work on behalf of gay rights. Mary's conversation began with George's experiences during the internment of Japanese-Americans during WW II, followed by his groundbreaking role on Star Trek, and then his decision to reveal that he was gay.
Listen audio (runs 12:55)
You can learn more about the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre at its website.

0830 Fresh Air's Sunday Salon feature returned with author and historian Margaret MacMillan, author and journalist Ron Graham and restarauteur and Luminato board member Roberto Martella. They all took turns talking extemporaneously about topics that were chosen at random by Mary.
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You can learn more about
Margaret MacMillan ,
Ron Graham and
Roberto Martella at these websites.

SATURDAY, April 28

0830 Toronto photographer Asif Rehman has an evolving exhibition called Muslims . It's goal is to break down stereotypes held by both Muslims and non-Muslims about what it means to be a Canadian Muslim. Asif joined Mary to talk about its latest iteration.
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Learn more at Asif's website.

0800 Heritage architecture is Shannon Kyles' beat on Fresh Air. Shannon is a professor at Mohawk College in Hamilton and a columnist with Arabella Magazine. And shen she joined Mary, she talked about the challenges restoration-minded people face in finding heritage hardware and building materials.
Listen audio (runs 10:59)
If you're interested in this province's heritage buildings, then you'll want to visit Shannon's Ontario Architecture website.

0730 Legendary musician Bruce Cockburn is the focus of Joel Goldberg's latest film, Pacing The Cage. Joel's last music documentary was a revealing look at Downchild Blues Band. And his most recent effort captures Cockburn on a recent tour. Joel joined Mary Ito to talk about the challenges and rewards of making this doc about a major Canadian musician.
Listen audio (runs 10:34)
The film will screen May 3rd as part of the Canada Film Days Festival at the Princess Cinemas in Waterloo. It then screens on May 4 on Vision Television at 10 pm.
You can learn more about Joel at his website.
And for information about viewing Paving The Cage on television, go to the Vision website.