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SATURDAY, March 24

0730 Frank London is a musical chameleon. He's collaborated with all kinds of diverse musicians. And he's currently in Toronto working with a group of international and Canadan artists on a concert called Honeycomb Way: A Musical Journey Into The Sacred. Reuben Maan joined Mary to tell her more. You can hear their conversation by visiting Reuben's column.

0800 Privacy is probably the last thing on your mind when you use a social media website. These sites are all about SHARING information about who you are and what you're doing. But there's growing concern about how these sites can take that information and then use it...without your knowledge. Rhonda McEwen, assistant professor of New Media at the University of Toronto-Mississauga's Institute of Communication, Culture and IT, joined Mary to talk about this conundrum.
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Learn more about Rhonda's work with new media at her website and also at her blogspot.

0830 Singer/songwriter Johnny Reid is burning up the Canadian country charts. And he's bringing his Fire It Up tour to Ontario. Johnny started his life in Scotland before moving to Canada as a youngster. He joined Mary to talk about his life as a country singing star...and how it all began.
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You can learn more about his Ontario tour dates at Johnny's website.
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