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0730 Melissa Lauren is a Toronto-based musician whose new album is called The Other Side. Melissa DOES have many sides...and they're not all musical. She elaborated when she came into the studio to talk with Mary Ito.
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Melissa next performs live at Fuzion Restolounge in Toronto on March 23rd.
For the full story, visit Melissa's website.

0800 The Hunger Games is the title of an immensely popular book for young readers that's about to hit the big screens as a film. CBC Books' Erin Balser is a fan of the she joined Mary to discuss its appeal.
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CBC Books is creating a new on-line challenge based on The Hunger Games---it's a CanLit version. And to learn more about the CanLit Hunger Games, visit the CBC Books website.

0830 Janet and Greta Podlesky know food. They've sold more than two million cokbooks. They also host a cooking show on television. And they shared some of their "food philosophy" with Mary when they came into the Fresh Air studio.
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Their latest cookbook is called The Looneyspoons Collection. It's published by Granet Publications.
Check out Janet and Greta's Looneyspoons website for more on their recipes and other food-related topics.