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SUNDAY, March 11

0730 Wendy Lands called her new album Mumble. And she had a good reason. Wendy shared it with Mary Ito...and told her why she's really a shy person at heart, despite performing before crowds numbering hundreds of people.
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You can catch Wendy live on March 14th when she and her Quartet will be at Cafe Paradiso in Ottawa.
And on March the 28th, you'll find Wendy and the band at The Cameron House in Toronto.
There's detailed info about Wendy's music and her live shopw at Wendy's website.

0800 CBC News Toronto reporter Kimberly Gale spent a year in Japan as an ESL teacher almost a decade ago. She lived and worked in one of the areas affected by last year's combined tsunami and earthquake. As the anniversary of that catastrophic event occurs, Kimberly has gone back to Japan to revisit the people and places that she knew. Mary spoke with Kimberly while she was in the city of Iwaki.
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0830 She's "the woman the world saved". Her name is Stella Raco and she told Mary how a blood transfusion from a donor in tsunami/earthquake-affected Japan made the difference on her life and death struggle with a form of cancer. Janet Wong of Canadian Blood Services accompanied Stella to help her recount her story.
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