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SUNDAY, February 26

0730 DK Ibomeka gets around. The Toronto jazz singer has toured extensively in the wake of this first two albums---especially throughout Europe. These days he's spending most of his time in New York City where he's studying with a jazz mentor. But DK recently to come back to his hometown to launch album Number Three. It's called Ocean and DK joined Mary Ito to talk about his musical career to date.
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Get the lowdown on the new album and what he's up to at DK's website.

0800 The deadline for making RRSP contributions is fast approaching. But some people might prefer to open a TFSA. And others wonder if it might be better to pay of accumulated debts. Fresh Air's new personal finance columnist, Hilary Doyle, joined guest host Karen Gordon with her thoughts on what's best.
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For more of Hilary's financial musings, check out her Thousandaire column in Toronto's The Grid newspaper.

0830 David Shamoon will have a special reason to watch the Academy Awards tonight (Feb 26). He'll be in the audience because the Torontonian wrote the screenplay for the film In Darkness, which is nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category. David joined Karen a few days before he left for Los Angeles and the Awards to talk about both the film and his unexpected entry into the movie biz.
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Learn more about the film at the In Darkness website.