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SUNDAY, February 19

0700 Mark Wigmore brought Fresh Air listeners another installment of his On The Doc column. This morning he profiled a documentary called If A Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front. It's nominated for an Academy Award and it airs tonight (Feb 19) on CBC News Network's The Passionate Eye at 10 pm.
Learn more at the Passionate Eye website.

0730 He's a musician whose star is on the rise in Quebec. But you've probably never heard his name before. It's Patrice Michaud. And he's coming to Ontario later this month. Radio Canada's Line Boilly joined Mary to talk about Patrice and his approach to music.
Listen audio (runs 7:37)
Patrice Michaud will be in concert in Hamilton on February the 24 at the Staircase Cafe and then in Oshawa on Feb. 25 at La Salle Paroissiale.
There's more info about him on Patrice's website.

0800 This past week, CBC launched a digital service called CBC MUSIC DOT C-A. It provides listeners with a choice of 40 different web radio stations. CBC's director of radio music, Mark Steinmetz, gave Mary the lowdown on what it's all about.
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Check out the web stations on offer at the CBC Music website.

0830 He lives in a hotel. His name is Christopher Heard. And he's written a book called The Suite Life. Christopher shared some of his experiences with Mary.
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The Suite Life: The Magic and Mystery of Hotel Living is published by Dundurn Press.
There's more on Christopher and the book at the Dundurn website.