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SUNDAY, February 5

0730 Music guy Mark Rheaume brought in an early Valentine's Day gift for Mary Ito when he made his monthly visit to Fresh Air. He profiled three female singer-songwriters whose recordings had caught his ear of late. You can learn who they were by visiting Mark's column.

0800 Pain affects everyone at some point...but in different ways. And treatment of pain poses many challenges for doctors. Fresh Air's Your Health columnist, Dr. Mike Evans, took Mary through the labyinth of pain diagnosis and management. You can hear that conversation by going to Dr. Mike's column.

0830 She came to Toronto to start a new life. But she had to go to the Yukon to learn what this country is really about. Her name is Manjushree Thapa. And she joined Mary to talk about a journey that began in her homeland of Nepal and eventually took her to Canada's Far North.
Listen audio (runs 11:38)
Manjushree's latest book is Seasons Of Flight , which is published by Penguin Books.
Learn more about her writing at Manjushree's website.