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SUNDAY, January 29

0730 We all need a vacation from time to time. But just how important is that time away from work? The answer might surprise you. Toronto psychiatrist Irvin Wolkoff joined Mary to offer some thoughts on the subject.
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0800 Personal finance journalist Alison Griffith's latest financial book is called Count On Yourself: Take Charge Of Your Money. She talked with Mary about the challenges we all face in making our money stretch farther.
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Count On Yourself: Take Charge Of Your Money is published by Simon and Schuster in Canada.
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0830 It's the sixth and final season for CBC Television's groundbreaking show, Little Mosque On The Prairie. Star Zaib Shaikh joined Mary to talk about the impact of the programme around the world...and how it's also changed his life.
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Little Mosque On The Prairie airs Monday nights at 8:30 pm on CBC Television.
Learn more about the show at the Little Mosque website.