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SATURDAY, January 28

0730 Convenience stores are a fact of life in communities across Ontario. Many of them--especially in larger centres---are run by Korean-Canadians. How that happened is the underpinning for Kim's Convenience. It's a play by actor and playwright Ins Choi. It's currently on-stage at Soulpepper Theatre Company in Toronto. And Ins Choi joined Mary to talk about it.
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Kim's Convenience runs through February 11th at Soulpepper Theatre Company and then returns to Soulpepper for another run in the spring.
All the details are on the Soulpepper website.

0800 8th Fire is a CBC documentary series that's shining the spotlight on a new generation of Aboriginals. People who are challenging stereotypes, and pushing hard for a better relationship with the rest of Canada. CBC reporter Waub Rice is doing that with words. He's the author of "Midnight Sweatlodge", and he's writing a blog about aboriginal literature for the 8th Fire project. Waub elaborated when he joined Mary.
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You can see the last 8th Fire documentary this Thursday, February 2 at 9 pm on CBC-TV and on Friday, February 3 at 10 pm on CBC News Network
All the relevant info is on the 8th Fire website.

0830 It's the weekend...but thanks to technology, many people never stop working, even when the weekend arrives. Scott Schieman is studying the impact of that trend. Scott is a professor of sociology at the University of Toronto and he's leading a large Canadian study looking into this issue. He joined Mary to talk about what he's learned so far.
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Learn more about Scott at his U of T webpage.
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