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SUNDAY January 15

0730 Host Mary Ito talked with a man who knows a lot about...snowflakes. Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht is a professor of physics at Caltech in Pasadena, California. The study of snowflakes is his specialty. He's also the author
of six books on snowflakes including his latest, a children's book called The Secret Life of a Snowflake. That's also the title of a lecture that he'll give at the Permeter Institute in Waterloo on February the 1st. Dr. Libbrecht talked with Mary by phone from his lab in California about his passion for these intricate ice crystals.
Listen audio (runs 8:02) to that conversation.
All the details of The Secret Life of a Snowflake lecture are at the Perimeter Institute website.
There's plenty of information about his snowflake research at Dr. Libbrecht's website.

0800 Sali Tagliamonte is a linguist with the University of Toronto.
She's conducting some very interesting research into English dialects in Ontario. And she's concentrating on four communities in the northern part of the province. Professor
Tagliamonte joined Mary to elaborate.
Listen audio (runs 10:03)
Sali is interested in hearing from Fresh Air listeners who might be able to help her with her research
You can e-mail Professor Tagliamonte at:

0830 Fresh Air's Sunday Salon returned with three savvy speakers who were ready to talk extemperaneously about topics related to the new year. They were: psychiatrist David Goldbloom of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto; poet and English professor Priscila Uppal of York U; and Andy Orchard, professor of medieval studies and Provost of Trinity College at the U of Toronto.
Listen audio (runs 11:24) to what happened when they sat down with Mary.