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SATURDAY January 14

0700 Host Mary Ito offered a sneak audio-view of today's episode of The Debaters. You can catch host Steve Patterson and his comedian guests at one o'clock on CBC Radio One. Learn more at The Debaters website.

0730 There's rarely a dull moment in the world of books. And 2012 is already shaping up as an interesting, change-filled year on the literary front. With that in mind, Mary reconvened the Fresh Air book panel to do some crystal ball-gazing. Erin Balser is an associate producer with CBC Books online. Becky Toyne is a Toronto-based books columnist and editor.
Listen audio (runs 11:46) to what they had to say.
If you're a "bookish" person, you should really take the time to visit the
CBC Books and
Becky's websites.

0800 Fresh Air's own Your Health columnist, Dr. Mike Evans says it best with his new video-gone-virak on YouTube. 23 1/2 Hours makes clear the benefits of exercise in maintaining good health. And Dr. Steven Blair backs him up with his years of research. Dr. Blair is a professor of exercise science at the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina. Have a listen audio (runs 9:49) to his conversation with Mary.
Check out Dr. Mike's video by clicking on
23 1/2 Hours.

0830 Film critic Kevin Courrier joined Mary to talk about what he calls "the hall of mirrors" effect in American films. It's the basis for a series of lectures that he'll give in Toronto during the winter months.
Listen audio (runs 15:43) as Kevin and Mary discuss movies and their ability to reflect the existing state of U.S. politics.
Kevin's Reflections in the Hall of Mirrors: American Movies and the Politics of Idealism lectures take place at Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre in Toronto beginning January 16th.
All the details are on the MNJCC website.
You can read some of Kevin's film criticism at the
Critics At Large website.