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SUNDAY, January 8

0730 Music guy Mark Rheaume joined Mary Ito to take a look-back at his Top Four albums from Ontario musicians in 2011. You can check them out at Mark's column.

0800 Big congratulations to our food columnist Anita Stewart! She got an extra special Christmas present when she found out that she'd been appointed to the Order of Canada! Anita is fiercely passionate about our Canadian food producers. Normally she hates talking about herself, preferring to talk about the growers, fishers, cheesemakers, farmers, vitners etc., but today we turn the spotlight on her and find out how she became one of Canada's leading culinary activists.
Listen audio (runs 12:29) to their conversation.
Learn more about Anita at her website.

0830 Marcel Danesi is a professor of Semiotics and Anthropology at the University of Toronto. He's written something like 240 books. In other words, he's smart and he's deep. And he has a passion for puzzles. He writes a column for the Toronto Star called "That's Puzzling". Mary talked to Marcel about puzzles and why they're good for us. Marcel's latest book on puzzles is called Extreme Brain Workout: 500 Fun and Challenging Puzzles to Boost Your Brain Power. It's published by Harlequin.