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Columnists: December 2012 Archives

Behavioural Economics

Dr. Mike made his last "house call" of 2012 to talk about a new way to improve people's health. It's called "behavioural economics". And Dr. Mike explained the rationale behind BE to Mary:
Listen audio (runs 11:41)
By the way, the two books that Mike mentioned are "Nudge" by Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler and "Slow and Fast Thinking" by Daniel Kahneman
And check out Dr. Mike's website for more information on this and other health-related topics.

Ravi Shankar

He was a music legend. He was the master of the sitar. And he was able to effortlessly play with jazz, classical and popular musicians, alike. Ravi Shankar died this past week. And our World Music guy, Reuben Maan, offered an overview of this amazing musician's life to Mary Ito.
Listen audio (runs 10:01)
NOTE: Copyright restrictions prohibit inclusion of some of the music originally contained in this item.
And check out Reuben's posting about Ravi on the CBC Music website.

2012 Books In Review

Fresh Air's books panel--- books columnist, editor and publicist Becky Toyne and CBC Books producer Erin Balser---came by to talk about their take on the 2012 literary scene. They avoided the traditional "best of" lists and came up with their own memorable printed page moments.
Listen audio (runs 9:41)
You'll find more book "talk" at Becky's website.
And here are Becky's "Class of 2012" reading recommendations (complete with URL addresses):

Straphanger, Taras Grescoe

Londoners, Craig Taylor

You Aren't What You Eat, Steven Poole

The Faster I Walk The Smaller I Am, Kjersti A.Skomsvold

The Holy or the Broken, Alan Light