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Columnists: May 2012 Archives

Ordering Wine 101

You're in a restaurant and you're in the mood for a bottle of wine. You open the wine iist and you freeze---too many choices and too many that cost a LOT of money. What do to? Citizen Talin to the rescue. Talin Vartanian joined guest host Karen Gordon with some carefully decanted wine-ordering advice for your next meal out.
Listen audio (runs 11:36)

The Mystery Musician

Reuben Maan turned the spotlight on a multi-talented musician/producer when he got together with guest host Sean Foley. And---just for fun---he made Sean guess who it was by offering a series of musical hints.
See if you can beat Sean to the answer by giving their conversation a listen. audio (runs 11:21)
If world music is your thing, check out the World Community page on CBC Music website.

Mark's Music May 2012

Links to artist websites will open in a new window.

Artist: Kelly Sloan
Album: Kelly Sloan
Song: You Got Me
Website: Kelly's website.

Artist: Craig Cardiff
Album: Floods & Fires
Song: Porchlight
Website: Craig's Facebook page.

Artist: Soulstack
Album: Big Red
Song: Since You Came Around
Website: Soulstack's website.

Artist: C.A. Smith
Album: Someone You Love
Song: You've Got A Lot To Learn
Website: C.A. Smith's Facebook page.