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Columnists: April 2012 Archives

Auction etiquette

Auctions can be great fun. They can also be confusing...especially if you're a first-timer.
That's why Citizen Talin took their measure and then joined guest host Karen Gordon to unravel their mysteries.
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There's more info about auctions on the Auctions Find , Auction Advertiser and Live Auctioneers websites (the last is to help you find the value of an item at an auction).
And if you'd like to know more about professional auctioneer Andrea Zeifman---she's with A. H. Wilkens Auction House in Toronto---you can visit the A. H. Wilkens website.
You can contact Talin with your consumer questions or concerns by e-mailing her at Citizen Talin .

Rodrigo y Gabriela

They're a "he & she" guitar duo. And they've gone from playing heavy metal to flamenco. Their names are Rodrigo y Gabriela...they're from Mexico...and our World Music columnist, Reubren Maan, has their story. He related it to Mary Ito.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Rodrigo y Gabriela will play Toronto's Massey Hall on Monday, April 16th.

Life Expectancy Calculator

Ever wonder how long you'll live? The Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences and Public Health Ontario have created a website that lets you make an educated prediction. It's called the Life Expectancy Calculator. And Dr. Mike gave Mary Ito the lowdown on how it works and what it tells us about our individual states of health.
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You can try your hand at the Life Expectancy Calculator to see how your lifestyle and lifelines co-relate.
And check out Dr. Mike's website for more information on this and other health-related topics.