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Columnists: January 2012 Archives

At The Movies

Citizen Talin took Mary Ito "to the movies" to talk about the often-high costs of taking in a flick and how you can make the experience more affordable.
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Book Trends for 2012

There's rarely a dull moment in the world of books. And 2012 is already shaping up as an interesting, change-filled year on the literary front. With that in mind, Mary reconvened the Fresh Air book panel to do some crystal ball-gazing. Erin Balser is an associate producer with CBC Books online. Becky Toyne is a Toronto-based books columnist and editor.
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If you're a "bookish" person, you should really take the time to visit the
CBC Books and
Becky's websites.

Books Awards and Festivals

It's book awards season in Canada. And there are plenty to choose from. Ditto book festivals. But have we reached the saturation point? Fresh Air's new book panel---book columnist/editor Becky Toyne and CBC Books associate producer Erin Balser---tackled the topic with some help from Mary.
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Get "booked" at the CBC Books website.
And learn more about Becky at her website.