FOUR ROOMS opens its doors to Toronto

By: Sophie Kohn, Four Rooms associate producer

A six-foot long narwhal tusk. An original folding seat from Maple Leaf Gardens. An 11-foot Canadian flag from 1871. Evel Knievel’s rocket.

This past Saturday marked the first-ever auditions for FOUR ROOMS. The producing team set up camp in the CBC atrium in Toronto and welcomed potential sellers from all over Ontario.

We had a fantastic turnout – we saw nearly 100 people, and the items people brought in were truly astonishing. Some people brought treasures that had been in their family for generations, while one guy brought an unusual painting he’d rescued from a dumpster while walking home one day. Some people knew exactly how much they wanted for their item, while others were frantically trying to solve the tantalizing mystery of how much their item was worth.

When asked, a lot of people said they’d use any money from their item to pay down debts, or help their kids through school. But we got an interesting range of responses: two participants said they’d use the money to move down to Costa Rica, and we met one woman who wanted to give the money to the cancer hospital that had treated her a couple of years back.

Every item we saw at Saturday’s audition reminded us that this country is filled with strange, quirky, shocking, and beautiful stories. Thanks to everyone who took the time to dust those stories off and bring them in.

Round two of our Toronto auditions are coming up soon on July 6!