Four Rooms in Montreal: Joyeuse Fête des Pères!

By: Jacquie Lee, Four Rooms associate producer

The FOUR ROOMS production team hit up Montreal this Father’s Day for the second stop on our cross -Canada tour. We unfurled our banners, hooked up our laptops and planted ourselves at Place d’Armes in the heart of Old Montreal. We were caffeinated and ready to be dazzled.

Montreal you did not disappoint! We saw an array of remarkable pieces - ranging from - an original 14th century Samurai sword, to a painting from Suzor Coté, Picasso pottery, and the largest and most dedicated collection of Barbies we’ve ever seen! Sellers told their stories with passion and vigour- we were on the edge of our seats, we were hooked! This is the pivotal moment guys – once you’ve got us hooked you need to reel us in. Let’s pause for a moment of Q&A:

Q: Who are we?

A: A group of producers working on FOUR ROOMS. We are not appraisers. We are not buyers. We are people who love to share great stories. Our goal is to find fantastic sellers for our buyers. This is where you come back into the picture.

Q: Who are we looking for?

A: Sellers with fantastic items who’d like to share their stories with Canada. If booked for FOUR ROOMS, you will do a show and tell with your item and then try to sell it to the nation’s top buyers.

When auditioning, please come with an idea of how much money you’d like for your piece - and why. Know as much as you can about your item and the story behind it. Be prepared to share your story in a fast five minutes so that we can get to know you with some follow-up questions.

Finally, don’t be nervous! We’re excited to meet you - so come prepared and don’t be scared!

In honour of Father’s Day – this one goes out to you, dad!

Next stop, Halifax Join us Wednesday, June 3rd 12 PM – 7 PM. at Cambridge Suites Hotel, 1583 Brunswick Street, Brunswick Room. Find out more!