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Archive tape: 1950's seal hunt

This week's celebration of the Fisheries Broadcast 60th anniversary will feature some wonderful tape from our archives.

The seal hunt was one of the most controversial stories covered by the Broadcast over the past sixty years .

From the price of pelts to high-profile protesters...from the use of hackapicks to the end of the hunt for white coats...

...from a decade-long court case about bluebacks to the recent E.U. ban on seal products.

The Broadcast has been there at every turn -- and continues to be.

This piece of tape is from the early 1950's, and features the CBC's Dick O'Brien.  Crowds have gathered in St. John's to watch the departure of the sealing vessels Algerine and Terra Nova

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Special thanks to our audio archivist Christine Davies for mining the libraries to bring us this tape.