BROADCAST DATE : Jan 19, 2018

The Secrets of Soulpepper : Pulling Back the Curtain

Rocked by allegations of sexual harassment, Soulpepper -- one of Canada’s most famous theatre companies -- promised “renewal and change.” But a fifth estate investigation into how the company handled past allegations of sexual harassment raises troubling questions about secrecy and transparency with its staff.

Two weeks ago, after four actors filed civil lawsuits alleging former artistic director Albert Schultz had sexually harassed them over many years, Soulpepper severed ties with Schultz and his wife, who was the company’s executive director.  None of the allegations have been tested in court.

Soulpepper has insisted all along that it had “the right policies and procedures in place to maintain a safe and healthy workplace” and it vowed “to listen, act and make meaningful change.”

But the fifth estate pulls back the curtain at how management kept another sexual harassment scandal quiet for 18 months -- and how prompted actors to come forward with accusations that have sparked a nationwide debate.