The Imperfect Spy

What drove a 35-year-old Canadian Sub Lieutenant to walk into the Russian embassy in Ottawa and offer his services as a spy? How did a world class high-tech system designed to make spying obsolete fail? Jeffrey Delisle skirted authorities for years until a team of intuitive FBI agents tipped off the Canadian authorities about a suspicious Canadian military officer.

Nobody close to him will say anything about him now, except for one person, his former wife Jennifer Delisle. With that exclusive interview, new information and comment from a former KGB spymaster and an FBI Counter Intelligence Chief, Linden MacIntyre unravels the mystery behind one of the biggest security breaches in Canadian history - who is Jeffrey Delisle, what did he do, and why did he do it?

Jeffrey Delisle was, to all appearances, an unremarkable man. But as the fifth estate details for the first time, privately he was reeling from a collapsed marriage, unable to pay his debts, and addicted to video games according to some who knew him. This was the backdrop to Delisle's decision to sell the Russians top secret information from Canada's closest allies for more than four years for a mere $71,000.

Jeffrey Delisle now maintains that he was a broken man during the time he was selling secrets. And yet this Imperfect Spy remained undetected for years. Perhaps in the end, the only truly 'perfect' spies are the ones we never hear about.