BROADCAST DATE : Nov 2, 2012

Lucky 7

It was a mystery wrapped in a mystery that won't be fully solved for at least another year. Someone collected a huge lottery prize that really belonged to someone else. In "Lucky 7," Linden MacIntyre brings you the climax of a story the fifth estate first told you in 2006 when we discovered that some lottery ticket buyers had their winnings cashed in by crooked shopkeepers.

As the fifth estate investigation revealed, one particular insider lottery jackpot looked especially fishy. It was a family that claimed a huge $12.5 million jackpot in 2004 with a ticket issued in their store. After police charged three members of the family with fraud and money laundering, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) was swamped with calls from people claiming to be the rightful owners of that winning ticket.

It would take a dying woman's intuition and the OLG seven years to find the true winners of that lottery jackpot. How it happened is a true-life drama full of strange twists, false claims, counter-claims, court battles and a nifty new computer program that can meticulously track the habits of people who play the lottery game. OLG investigators reveal to the fifth estate how they found them, and the lucky seven ordinary guys who suddenly struck it rich speak publicly for the first time since their win.