BROADCAST DATE : Oct 26, 2012

Lost In The Struggle: The Next Chapter

The summer of 2012 will be recorded as one of the bloodiest in Toronto's history. Gangs and guns left victims in all kinds of neighbourhoods. Amid this summer's carnage, one shooting in particular caught the fifth estate's attention -- a man was gunned down in an apartment hallway. When we saw the name of the person police say pulled the trigger -- 25 year old Andrew Burnett -- we realized that the alleged murderer was a young man that at one time the fifth estate had known very well.

Six years ago, the fifth estate wanted to know why some young men are drawn to violence and a culture where drug sales are often a source of income, friendships brokered with weapons, and violent disputes sparked by as a little as a disrespectful glance. Our story took us to the Jane and Finch neighborhood in Toronto, and to three young men trying to make a break from a troubled community. For months, the fifth estate followed the three youths, capturing the raw reality of their lives in the 'hood. Andrew Burnett was one of them. He was just 18 years old at the time, trying to make his way in a world he was convinced didn't want him. Now as he faces a first degree murder charge, Gillian Findlay goes back to Jane and Finch, to catch up with the three young men we followed six years ago. Three different personalities, three different sets of challenges and three very different outcomes no one could ever have predicted.